REDCON1 Signs Global Brand Ambassador Giancarlo Baglioni


Giancarlo is REDCON1

REDCON1 is pleased to welcome Giancarlo Baglioni

Born and raised in South Florida, Giancarlo has been training consistently for over 3 years.  He First got into training and lifting weights in 8th grade.  That is where he was introduced to progressive overloads and started to really build muscle.  His mom would bring him with her to the gym as well. Once he got to high school he really focused on football and basketball, he took a break from the weight room until the pandemic shut those activities down.  This gave him the opportunity to really focus on lifting and he fell in love with bodybuilding.


Currently, Giancarlo is training for a natural based bodybuilding show as he is in the process of cutting weight for a show. His biggest goal for the rest of 2023 is to help inspire others to start their fitness journey!

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