REDCON1 Launches A Standalone Vitamin C

REDCON1 Vitamin C Will Come In Tablet Form, And You Get 120 Tablets Per Bottle. Each Pill Will Deliver 1000mg Of Vitamin C

Ryan Monahan

Ryan Monahan

Chief Marketing Officer

REDCON1 has just launched a standalone Vitamin C supplement, which is actually going to be part of a new lineup from the company. This comes at a time when immune support supplements are in high demand.

REDCON1 Vitamin C will come in tablet form, and you get 120 tablets per bottle. Each pill will deliver 1000mg of Vitamin C.

While this isn’t the most exciting release, this ties into something else coming from REDCON1. The brand will be launching a standalone line of supplements similar to this. So be sure to stay tuned for an announcement on that.