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34,404,000,000 Consumed Canned Energy Drinks

Canned Energy Drinks – Sit back and get ready for an almost unbelievable statistic — by the year 2026 [1], over 34,404,000,000 canned energy drinks will be consumed within the year.

That’s around 94,257,534 energy drinks consumed per day.

We realized with over 3,927,397 energy drinks being consumed per hour — yet — not a single drink on the market delivers the premium quality that only REDCON1 can to help you achieve your Highest State of Readiness — so … we went to work!

Since everyone has unique preferences for flavors, size, and carbonation levels, we’d love to hear what you like best.


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Canned Energy Resources:

[1]  PR Newswire; Global Energy Drinks Market Size Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 7.20% Reaching $86.01 Billion By 2026, Financial News Media, November 17, 2021.