REDCON1 Signs Global Fitness Ambassador Chelsea Haley

Chelsea Haley

Chelsea Haley is REDCON1

Chelsea Haley

Chelsea is a proud Houstonian, born and raised in the Lone Star State!

Warren Classic was the spark I needed to ignite my passion for competing! Taking home a victory as a novice left me feeling exhilarated.

For the past year, I’ve been working hard to achieve my fitness goals – and inspire others along the way. As a full-time hairstylist and model, I’m passionate about helping young adults beat mental health issues and drug addiction by getting certified in personal training to reach their health targets.

My mission is to show them how life-changing achieving these achievements can be!

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@REDCON1 Welcomes Danny Jakab aka @dannyswole to the Team!

Danny is a Global Fitness Ambassador and active Air Force servicemen based in New Jersey.  He is an inflight refueling specialist instructor and evaluator on a KC-10. 

Danny advocates for mental health and uses his passion for bodybuilding to inspire and motivate others.  He got into bodybuilding as a resource to clear his head and achieve a better mental health space. 

Hit the link to our blog in the Bio to learn more.

#TeamRedcon1 #Redcon1 #MentalHealth