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REDCON1 Is In An Epic Voting Battle To Become VITAMIN SHOPPE Brand Of The Year

Our journey back to BRAND OF THE YEAR

Ryan Monahan

Ryan Monahan

Chief Marketing Officer

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VITAMIN SHOPPE, an industry authority for years, hosts the most prestigious consumer-voted awards program in the industry.  We are proud to announce that REDCON1 has advanced to the semifinals. 

But … we need your help! If you have just 7 seconds to vote below and it will help us win the title of greatest protein powder in the history of humanity — an award all contenders spend the year dreaming about.

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It’s simple, vote below, take a screenshot, email it to to be instantly entered.  Winners will be emailed within 24 hours.

Pro Tip; you can vote from each of your devices, cell phone, tablet, computer, work computer, etc.